Patricia Schwabe, Owner

Penca Restaurante serves Downtown Tucson a menu of traditional and modern Central Mexican Cuisine, a wide array of Mesoamerican distillates and fermentables, and comfortable service rooted in the history and culture of Tucson. Founded in 2013 by Patricia Schwabe in the shadow of the Santa Rita Hotel, Penca’s team has continued to travel, taste, and discover. Drawing from Mexico’s unique ingredients, forgotten methods, and esoteric flavors, our offerings maintain their roots in the abundance of the Sonoran Desert and the cultural traditions of Tucson itself. We invite you to join us for an honest and loving dining experience in the bustling heart of town.

Patricia Schwabe Penca Restaurante owner

Bryan Eichhorst, Beverage Director

Bryan Eichhorst is Penca’s knowledgeable and talented Beverage Director. Bryan has been directly exploring for the past four years the history, the tradition and the production among others of tequila and mezcal. In the past years his interests have taken him over and over again to Oaxaca, Jalisco, DF and his passion for Bacanora to many of the small towns of Northern Sonora.

Bryan Eichhorst Penca Restaurante Mixologist Beverage Director